Webnyxa’s development methodology promotes a result-driven interactive approach and guarantees better customer service in terms of quality and cost.

Webnyxa's project development methodology encourages a result-driven interactional approach and insures better customer service in reference to quality, cost and customer’s strategic goals, without compromising on any of these elements.

  • Over the years we have developed a store of knowledge through developing ample of web projects.
  • We have elaborated our business process by mixing the best industry practices such as iterative software development process and agile methodology.
  • We have engaged best actions to get maximum performance and highest quality for web-related projects while leaving away ample complexity that can affect the project budget or timing.

DISCOVERY | Preliminary Interviewing

At this stage an initial interview is conducted with client. Project requirements are analyzed and scope is defined. At this stage a great involvement of client is required to get an exact idea of the project.

DESIGN | Creative Phase

This phase is further divided into two steps, 1st one is to create initial mockups and present it to client for initial approval. At 2nd step ideas are converted into a real world creative design, covering all aspects of the project.

DEVELOPMENT | Giving Life to Ideas

At this step entire project is divided into several modules and handed over to development team. This step involves a repeated process of coding and initial testing of modules and finally all modules are integrated.

QA | No Compromise with Quality

Quality assurance is the most important step in our development process. We do comparison with original design, optimize images, proof read all content, test menu, links & forms, and cross browser compatibility.

GO LIVE | Deployment

In this phase after successful testing the product is delivered / deployed to the customer for their use.

SUPPORT | Resolve Problems

Once when the customers starts using the developed system then the actual problems comes up and needs to be solved from time to time.