Bring in quality into every expression of the company rating from processes, people, solutions and services – to creating an all-covering quality culture. Formulating collective cheerful compliance towards the subject of doing things right the first time, by using lowest possible resources and generating highest quality touchstones to the customer.

One of the prime areas of outsourcing is be able to exert quality standards. This is something that is addressed very staidly by our whole team. We make sure that every web project that is undertaken by us undergoes rigorous quality tests and it is only then they are uploaded and launched.

Testing for Functionality

Functionality testing means to make sure that all the expected functionality has been implemented as stated in the first place. Therefore, functionality testing refers to testing for correctness and sufficiency.

Testing for Usability

In this type of testing, it is assured that the user meets little in the sky above, such as learning or handling activities, to control the website.

Testing for Compatibility / Compliance

Compatibility is mainly demonstrated through compliance and ability to exchange & use information. We make sure that the website is not only W3C Compliant but is also compatible with most Search Engines.

Testing for Performance

This requires assuring a timely reply from the system, taking into consideration not only the website's architecture in addition to elements like a user's slow Internet connection.